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Volkswagen Group Explores Training Simulation

Learn how Volkswagen improves the realism of VR training using SenseGlove.

Volkswagen and VR training

VR technology has revolutionized training for Volkswagen employees, enabling them to engage in remote training without the need to physically visit the company’s professional showroom to access vehicles.
Volkswagen - white

Client:Volkswagen Group

Client representative:Malte Hedemann

His/her role:Referant Digital Realities (VR/AR)


Traditional VR training effectively safeguarded training equipment but it was hard to facilitate natural interactions for trainees. Moreover, the constant requirement to hold controllers limited trainees’ ability to manipulate objects, release them, or discern intricate details through touch.

Implementation of Haptic Gloves

Volkswagen and SenseGlove initiated a collaboration to test SenseGlove DK1 gloves, creating a virtual reality assembly training program for the electric components within the T6 van’s sliding door. In this scenario, participants could comprehensively train for every action involved in this particular assembly process. The simulation encompassed multiple complex assembly tasks, including interactions with drills, cables, and plastic components that needed precise interlocking.


The integration of haptic gloves alongside VR significantly heightened the realism of the training, enabling trainees to become acquainted with the equipment during the early stages of production. SenseGlove DK1 allowed users to manipulate every object with interactions closely resembling those on a real assembly line. For example, force feedback enabled users to handle the drill ergonomically and responsibly. This experimentation continued with SenseGlove Nova, the second generation of SenseGlove haptic gloves, where Volkswagen achieved impressive results. Detailed case study results can be found here.

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SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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