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Case Study:
Volkswagen VR Assembly Training

“The next big step towards truly immersive VR training is to have haptic interactions. Therefore, Volkswagen collaborates with SenseGlove to make this vision of scalable haptic VR training a reality” Malte Hedemann Referent Digital Realities (VR /AR) at the Volkswagen Group

Client: Volkswagen Group


Client representative: Malte Hedemann

His/her role: Referant Digital Realities (VR/AR)

Volkswagen and SenseGlove have created a virtual reality assembly training of the electric components within the sliding door of the T6 van. In this scenario, participants are able to train the full procedure of all actions in this particular assembly process

Grasp every object with similar interactions as in real life

The SenseGlove enables the user to grasp every object with similar interactions as it would require on the real assembly line. For example, the force-feedback allows the users to handle the drill in an ergonomic, responsible way. The simulation consists of multiple complex assembly tasks involving interactions with a drill, cables, and plastic components that need to snap into each-other.

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