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One Pair of SenseGlove Nova’s



SenseGlove Nova

The New Sense in VR for enterprise

With advanced haptic technologies, best-in-class comfort and functionality, the Nova is built with business in mind. Completely wireless force-feedback gloves are compatible with standalone headsets and made to be donned in 5 seconds.


Experience advanced technology with unparalleled freedom

Force feedback


With SenseGlove, digital objects have real hand presence. Our force-feedback system puts out 20 Newtons of resistance within 10 ms, making digital objects feel real. This makes SenseGlove Nova perfectly suited for VR training.


Vibrotactile feedback


SenseGlove has embedded an advanced voice coil actuator technology that allows the Nova to render the feeling of realistic button clicks and impact simulations, which are crucial for virtual reality training with tools and dashboards.

Motion tracking


SenseGlove Nova combines sensor based finger tracking with computer vision hand tracking algorithms. With the Pico Neo2 no external tracking devices are needed. More headsets will follow soon.


SenseGlove's already in the hands of:

Introducing SenseGlove Nova

Accelerate training, improve design and engage customers

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Haptic gloves combined with virtual reality is one of the best ways to engage customers and communicate company’s values. Seeing and feeling your your message creates an incredibly memorable experience and generates positive buzz around your brand.

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SenseGlove Virtual prototyping

Showcasing products

Virtual Reality is already used by brands to demonstrate products and . While VR allows visualising anything, it does not provide a realistic "try before you buy" experience. Haptic gloves add true realism through the feeling of touch. Users can interact with your product as if it was real

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SenseGlove Assembly training

Assembly training

Train to deal with machinery and parts of all sizes and shapes

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SenseGlove Maintenance training

Maintenance training

Develop skills for taking care of equipment functions, repairing machinery and buildings

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SenseGlove Installation training

Installation training

Train installation techniques, getting to feel material properties

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SenseGlove First responder training

First responder training

Train to maintain disaster management efficiently, preserving gear and equipment

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SenseGlove Medical training

Medical training

Learn how to interact with medical equipment and get used to what they feel like

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The next big step towards truly immersive VR training is to have haptic interactions. Therefore, Volkswagen collaborates with SenseGlove to make this vision of scalable haptic VR training a reality

Malte Hedemann - Volkswagen Group

Case study

Royal Dutch Army trains personnel for on-site equipment assemblies

This is what makes the NOVA so great for enterprise VR solutions

Easy to use

The Nova is completely wireless. It works with standalone headsets and features an updated flexible form factor that enables users to feel virtual objects with unparalleled freedom.


The ability to experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviors coupled with a price affordable for every XR professional make the SenseGlove Nova the most accessible device for the future of work and a new sense in VR training

Industry Approved

Developed in collaboration with SenseGlove research customers, SenseGlove Nova possesses the features required for VR training. Its technology has been tested for training and research applications by industry leaders.


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Make the digital feel real

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