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With SenseGlove, it’s finally possible to have virtual reality training with the same effectiveness and immersiveness as real training. Experience the low cost of virtual reality training with real-world muscle memory and knowledge retention.
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SenseGlove's already in the hands of 500 professionals:

Build muscle memory with hands on practice

First responder training

First responder training

The efficiency of firefighters, emergency medical technicians and other first responders depend on how quickly and intuitively they react to the worst-case scenarios. That’s where muscle memory comes into play. During VR training session, trainees can physically practice procedures and interactions that involve any equipment required: from fire hose to medical defibrillators. Force feedback allows you to get used to the shape, size and density of objects, clearly feeling the difference between a medical bandage and respirator, while vibrotactile feedback can make you feel if the tool is on or placed correctly. Having built muscle memory, trainees maintain disaster management more efficiently, preserving gear and equipment for actual emergencies.

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Installation training

Installation training

An experienced installer knows material properties, understanding its physical functions and limitations. The ability to train installation techniques in virtual reality haptic gloves allows you to master any difficult procedures in a risk-free environment. Trainees get to physically feel the different shapes of electric cables, switches and sockets thanks to the force feedback feature. Vibrotactile feedback makes it easy to simulate grooving and handling other electrical tools, as well as interaction with switches and welders.

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Maintenance training

Maintenance training

Training to be a professional handyman is impossible without hand-on practice. Haptic gloves add sensorial experience to VR maintenance training, allowing to develop skills for taking care of equipment functions, repairing machinery and buildings. Thanks to the force feedback feature, trainees get a natural feel of hand tools: using different types of wrenches, feeling pliers resist squeezing, while vibrotactile feedback enhances interactions with power tools like grinders and saws.

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Assembly training

Assembly training

VR assembly training is based on haptic interactions: dealing with machinery and parts of all sizes and shapes, picking and positioning new parts, interacting with potentially dangerous equipment. SenseGlove Nova's force feedback lets trainees feel shapes, sizes and density of industrial objects, physically feeling the difference between gear shapers, grinders and screw machines. Thanks to vibrotactile feedback, trainees feel button feedback when they turn on equipment and get the feeling of vibration when they work with, for instance, a drilling machine.

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See how Volkswagen trains their employees with SenseGlove

What do our VR training solutions offer?

Virtual reality training with SenseGlove generates similar results to real-life training, and, by using it as a flexible digital asset for VR training, there’s no need for expensive physical assets. SenseGlove offers corporate R&D departments specially made proof-of-concept solutions including our latest developments. With a VR training system, corporations can experience the benefits of VR without compromising the physical interaction with the product, all while minimizing barriers to use, such as cost and applicability.
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What makes SenseGlove unique for VR training solutions?

Unmatched force-feedback

Unparalleled haptic technology

SenseGlove force feedback technology is the most crucial element of realistic simulation, as it provides the feeling of the size and density of virtual objects. Combined with vibrotactile feedback to feel impact simulations, it creates the most intuitive experience.
Vibro-tactile feedback

Approved quality and accessibility

SenseGlove is a fully functional wearable in production, accessible to any XR professional. It’s been applied and approved by over 500 corporations: Volkswagen, P&G, Airbus, etc. Our custom-made Proof of Concept program will help you with your first haptic use-case.

Proof of concept programs

Compact adaptable design

SenseGlove products are super easy to use. The Nova is a wireless virtual reality haptic glove made to be donned in 5 seconds and is adjustable to 3 different sizes for a perfect haptic experience

See how leading companies use SenseGlove

District XR

District XR

District XR has implemented SenseGlove Nova to accelerate the recovery of motor functions after severe injuries.

Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands White

Dutch Ministry of Defence

SenseGlove’s Nova was implemented in a Virtual Reality training program for the Royal Netherlands Army.

Volkswagen - white

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles implements the SenseGlove Nova for automotive VR training in assembling the Volkswagen T6 and T7.

SenseGlove Nova - Feel the virtual like its real

Feel the virtual like it’s real

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