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Enabling touch in the virtual world

Sense Glove’s unique low latency force-feedback system enables the user to feel the shape and density of virtual objects. Due to the precise sensor based tracking of each joint in the hand every interaction using the Sense Glove renders a virtual reality to feel like a physical environment. The sense glove can be used as force-feedback controller for virtual and augmented reality or as input device for tele-robotics.
Force Feedback
Physics Based SDK
Haptic Feedback
20 DoF finger tracking
10 Ms latency
Wireless (optional)


(limited availability)

  • Sense Glove for immersive training

    Virtual and augmented realities are very powerful tools for training and simulation purposes. In order to become more effective tools, these trainings need to become as close to reality as possible. This is what Sense Glove provides in your VR and AR training and simulations. With Sense Glove you can feel and interact with each object, you can pull each handle, and push each button as if they are real.

  • Sense Glove for design & analysis tasks

    Multiple CAD programs already offer VR and AR streaming or direct integrations. With Sense Glove you are able to design your virtual model with haptic interaction. Or, you can invite the end user to let him interact with your virtual model with Sense Glove. This enables both users to check for flaws without building a physical prototype to the benefit of both time management and material means.

  • Sense Glove for rehabilitation training

    Sense Glove is originally intended to be used as a training device for hand rehabilitation. The virtual environment allows the user to simulate tasks of daily life living in engaging games, and combines playful explorations with hand rehabilitation. Additionally, Sense Glove is able to register every motion of its user as input, so progress can be measured to ensure an effective rehabilitation process.

  • Sense Glove as controller for tele-robotics

    Imagine a humanoid robotic gripper, a 360 camera, an HMD, and a Sense Glove. With these four simple components we are able to manifest ourselves anywhere in the universe as physical avatars of ourselves.

    Currently, we are experimenting with the potential of remotely operated humanoid grippers, to complete complex tasks.