Feel the virtual like it’s real

Interact in VR naturally: get to feel the size, density and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, SenseGlove allows you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it is real.

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What makes SenseGlove the most intuitive interaction device


Unparalleled haptic technology

SenseGlove force feedback technology is the most crucial element of realistic simulation, as it provides the feeling of the size and density of virtual objects. Combined with vibrotactile feedback to feel impact simulations, it creates the most intuitive experience.


Approved quality and accessibility

SenseGlove is a fully functional wearable in production, accessible to any XR professional. It’s been applied and approved by over 100 corporations: Volkswagen, P&G, Airbus, etc. Our custom-made Proof of Concept program will help you with your first haptic use-case.

Compact adaptable design

SenseGlove products are super easy to use. The Nova is a wireless glove made to be donned in 5 seconds, and is adjustable to 3 different sizes for a perfect haptic experience. The Nova is an adjustable glove that easily fits on any hand. 

Choose your SenseGlove

The most intuitive gloves for enterprise VR

SenseGlove Nova


The most accessible gloves for VR research

SenseGlove DK1


Designed to meet your use case

The SenseGlove is designed as the ideal development tool for adding natural interactions into your spatial computing projects. We offer special pilot programs for corporate clients, as well as development packages for researchers and software developers. 


VR training

It’s finally possible to have a virtual training with the same effectiveness as a real training. Experience the low cost of VR with real-world muscle memory and knowledge retention.

Virtual prototyping

Digital prototyping offers quick iterations and low costs. Add SenseGlove to your simulations to gain the benefits of going digital without losing the fidelity of tactile, real-world prototypes.

Research & telerobotics

SenseGlove’s philosophy towards researchers is simple: provide more data in an open and accessible manner. Let our haptic feedback glove and software help you capture the data you need.


SenseGlove creates a multi-sensory journey for customers without any logistics costs or risks for the equipment. Demonstrate the physical and functional product capabilities via virtual experience that feels real.

Meet the people behind SenseGlove

The team behind SenseGlove is young, diverse and motivated. We want to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world by making digital interactions feel real. Each SenseGlove is made in the Netherlands by a multidisciplinary team of mechanical engineers, product designers, electrical engineers, software engineers, and business developers.


Feel the virtual like it’s real

Get your own SenseGlove today and benefit from intuitive VR applications