Feel the virtual like it's real

Interact in VR naturally: get to feel the size, stiffness and resistance of virtual objects. Unlike controllers, SenseGlove allows you to hold, push, touch, connect and squeeze the virtual like it is real.

SenseGlove - Feel
SenseGlove - Grasp
SenseGlove Holding an Object
SenseGlove - Connect

SenseGlove's already in the hands of:

The most practical haptic gloves for natural XR interactions

The most practical haptic gloves for natural XR interactions

Great usability

Completely wireless and easy to use

The most practical haptic gloves for natural XR interactions

Advance haptic technology

Equipped with powerful force-feedback and vibrotactile feedback

The most practical haptic gloves for natural XR interactions

Approved functionality

Applied and approved by 500 industry leaders

With advanced haptic technologies, best-in-class usability and functionality, the Nova is built with business in mind. The combination of force – and vibrotactile feedback, wireless compact design and successful enterprise applications makes it the most practical XR glove on the market. Interact naturally and train muscle memory by getting to feel the size, density and impacts in virtual reality.

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SenseGlove is being used by industry leaders for VR training, research, marketing and prototyping since 2018.


The interaction with SenseGlove is a lot more realistic. 100% of the trainees who completed the assembly training found it more realistic to work with the gloves versus the controller. Simply because they could do more.

Marcos Antelo Barrio, Trainer at Volkswagen

Royal Netherlands Army

Using regular controllers in VR is an artificial way of interaction, nobody ever pushes the button with their fist. Grabbing things, moving things needs to be as natural as possible.

Captain Ewoud, Staff Officer Research and Development for the Royal Netherlands Army Simulation Centre.

Staffordshire University

SenseGlove is a key tool for interaction. Without haptics you would simply have a walk through scene, and would rely heavily on visual and auditory cues alone.

Emma Fallows, a Researcher at Staffordshire University

Fraunhofer IEM

The SenseGlove’s interaction technology allows the user of the mixed mock-up to grab components and guide them to where they are to be assembled.

Florian Dyck, Fraunhofer IEM

Procter & Gamble Health

Everyone was very pleased with the glove and the experience.

Alexandre Rigat, Senior Marketing manager at Procter & Gamble Health

How does SenseGlove work?

See how leading companies use SenseGlove

District XR

District XR

District XR has implemented SenseGlove Nova to accelerate the recovery of motor functions after severe injuries.

Royal Army of the netherlands

Royal Netherlands Army

SenseGlove’s Nova was implemented in a Virtual Reality training program for the Royal Netherlands Army.

Volkswagen - white

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles implements the SenseGlove Nova for automotive VR training in assembling the Volkswagen T6 and T7.

Designed to meet your use case

The SenseGlove is designed as the ideal development tool for adding natural interactions into your spatial computing projects. We offer special pilot programs for corporate clients, as well as development packages for researchers and software developers.

Use case - VR training

VR training

It’s finally possible to have a virtual training with the same effectiveness as a real training. Experience the low cost of VR with real-world muscle memory and knowledge retention.

Use case - Virtual prototyping

Virtual prototyping

Digital prototyping offers quick iterations and low costs. Add SenseGlove to your simulations to gain the benefits of going digital without losing the fidelity of tactile, real-world prototypes.

Use case - Research

Research & telerobotics

SenseGlove’s philosophy towards researchers is simple: provide more data in an open and accessible manner. Let our haptic feedback glove and software help you capture the data you need.

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SenseGlove creates a multi-sensory journey for customers without any logistics costs or risks for the equipment. Demonstrate the physical and functional product capabilities via virtual experience that feels real.

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