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SenseGlove provides a C# API and a native C++ API which allow for low-level access to the SenseGlove’s sensor data and haptic motors. A communications library, SGConnect, is responsible for establishing communication with SenseGlove devices, while the SenseGlove Core Library converts raw data into usable formats. A separate program, SenseCom, uses the SGConnect library to communicate with your gloves and handles the calibration and firmware updates. 


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SenseGlove tools and resources
Building onto the low-level API are the Unity Plugin (Unity Engine (2017.4 and up) and Unreal Plugin (Unreal Engine 4), making it possible to begin developing new projects on the two most popular VR development platforms.

Assets, Tools and Resources


A program that sets up communications between your system and your SenseGloves. Aside from showing you the connection status of your gloves, it also handles hand calibration and firmware updates (the latter is still in the early planning phase).
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SenseGlove - C# and C++ API

C# and C++ API

This low-level API grants you access to all the functions your SenseGloves have to offer. Everything from the glove’s sensor data to the pose of the hand can be retrieved, and the intensity of the force- and vibrotactile feedback can be set and updated up to 100 times per second.

The repository contains builds and libraries for Windows and Linux, as well as documentation for each piece of software. For the advanced user, there is also a way to run the SenseGlove communications without the need for the SenseCom program.

Unity Plugin

A wrapper for the low-level C# API with conversion to Unity’s coordinate system and classes. You can work on the same level as the C++ / C# API, with direct control over the SenseGlove haptic motors and sensors.

Building onto this, the Unity Plugin supports hand model animation, components that add haptics to your projects, and a way to translate hand motion and collision into “Grabbing and Releasing”.

SenseGlove - Unity Plugin
SenseGlove - Unreal plugin

Unreal Plugin

A wrapper for our low-level C++ API with conversion to Unreal’s coordinate system. Compatible with both Blueprints and C++.

SenseGlove API Tutorials

Whether you’re an existing client, a seasoned VR developer or just started exploring the field of Haptics: The tutorials available to you will make it possible for you to hold virtual objects with your own hands in no time. 3,2,1…GO!

SenseGlove API Tutorials
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