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SenseGlove’s philosophy towards researchers is simple: provide more data in an open and accessible manner. Let our haptic feedback glove and software help you capture the data you need.

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Haptic feedback in virtual training, VR/AR simulation and research


Traditional training can be expensive and risky, requiring either duplicate assets or production shutdowns. Using virtual reality in training can easily combat those issues. With SenseGlove, it’s finally possible to research and evaluate virtual training techniques with the same effectiveness as a traditional training. Experience the low cost of custom VR training, with the muscle memory and retention of the real world.

Simulations and modelling

With SenseGlove, interactions with digital models become similar to physical model interactions. Evaluate your design on ergonomics, replace physical mock-ups with VR or AR simulations of manufacturing process or recreate any physical experience you wish to explore. haptic XR is the new paradigm for the simulation of human factors.


Haptic feedback from the tele-robot to the human, provides a greater sense of realism and increased performance, as well as safety and control. SenseGlove for tele-robotics allow the remote operators to feel the object as if they were holding it and control grip strength presisely.
Haptic feedback in virtual training
Haptic feedback in virtual training
Haptic feedback in virtual training

What makes SenseGlove the most intuitive interaction device

Unmatched force-feedback

Unparalleled haptic technology

SenseGlove haptic feedback technology is the most crucial element of realistic simulation, as it provides the feeling of the size and density of virtual objects. Combined with vibrotactile haptic feedback to feel impact simulations, it creates the most intuitive experience.
Vibro-tactile feedback

Approved quality and accessibility

SenseGlove is a fully functional wearable in production, accessible to any XR professional. It’s been applied and approved by over 500 corporations: Volkswagen, P&G, Airbus, etc. Our custom-made Proof of Concept program will help you with your first haptic use-case.

Proof of concept programs

Compact adaptable design

SenseGlove products are super easy to use. The Nova is a wireless glove made to be donned in 5 seconds, and is adjustable to 3 different sizes for a perfect haptic experience.

See how Staffordshire University use SenseGlove for research

Making the digital feel real

Reality training in research

Focus on collecting data, not experimental setup. We strive to be your open, collaborative, and reliable partner for haptics research. With tried and tested hardware available off the shelf, and documented and regularly updated SDKs, we can assure your hands are in good hands.

Key features for researchers

SenseGlove is a plug-and-play force-feedback glove. It’s the most accessible and widely usable haptic feedback solution for all (doctoral) researchers.
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Unmatched force-feedback


With 20 Newtons of resistance, SenseGlove offers unmatched levels of force-feedback.

Motion capturing

Motion capturing

SenseGlove’s per per-phalange/23 DoF tracking system and IMU offer an unparalleled 23 degrees of freedom and tracking.

See how leading companies use SenseGlove

District XR

District XR

District XR has implemented SenseGlove Nova to accelerate the recovery of motor functions after severe injuries.

Royal Army of the netherlands

Royal Netherlands Army

SenseGlove’s Nova was implemented in a Virtual Reality training program for the Royal Netherlands Army.

Volkswagen - white

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles implements the SenseGlove Nova for automotive VR training in assembling the Volkswagen T6 and T7.

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