SenseGlove for research

SenseGlove’s philosophy towards researchers is simple: provide more data in an open and accessible manner. Let our haptic feedback glove and software help you capture the data you need.

SenseGlove for research
SenseGlove for Research mobile

How SenseGlove lends a helping hand

Achieve your research goals with SenseGlove. Our extensive plug-and-play Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Unity Engine allows the creation of haptic interactions in VR with little to no coding. For more in-depth research like telerobotics, SenseGlove offers a native C++ SDK that provides the ultimate freedom in data collection. Coupled with per-phalange/23 DoF tracking, our hardware and software give you an unmatched research experience.

SenseGlove Research

This is what makes SenseGlove the most accessible haptic interaction device



With plug-and-play connectivity, collecting data has never been this easy. Download one of our SDKs, connect SenseGlove and go!



You can find our Software Development Kits (SDKs) on GitHub. With our code at your fingertips, it’s easy to customize our software for your research goals. Contact us for custom hardware options.

Proof of concept programs


We test all our products to 1,000,000 cycles to ensure the hardware never fails. Still worried? We offer long-term hardware support and warranties when you purchase.

Making the digital feel real

For augmented reality training

Focus on collecting data, not experimental setup. We strive to be your open, collaborative, and reliable partner for haptics research. With tried and tested hardware available off the shelf, and documented and regularly updated SDKs, we can assure your hands are in good hands.

Key features for researchers

SenseGlove is a plug-and-play force-feedback glove. It’s the most accessible and widely usable haptic solution for all (doctoral) researchers.

Key features for researchers
Unmatched force-feedback


With 40 Newtons of resistance, SenseGlove offers unmatched levels of force-feedback.

Motion capturing

Motion capturing

SenseGlove’s per per-phalange/23 DoF tracking system and IMU offer an unparalleled 23 degrees of freedom and tracking.

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