Haptic Solutions for VR training, virtual prototyping, research and marketing

Increase the impact of your research, training, marketing, and prototypes with compelling, immersive, and tangible VR/AR technology. Capture more data, and experience richer feedback with VR haptic gloves by SenseGlove.

Solutions of SenseGlove

Where and why SenseGlove comes in handy

Whether it’s VR training, telerobotics, research, or marketing, our VR haptic glove makes virtual worlds feel more immersive and compelling. With our hardware and intuitive software development tools, researchers and developers can create true haptic interactions.
SenseGlove for VR Training

VR training

It’s finally possible to have a virtual training with the same effectiveness as a real training. Experience the low cost of VR/AR technology with real-world muscle memory and knowledge retention.

Virtual prototyping

Digital prototyping offers quick iterations and low costs. Add a haptic solution to your simulations to gain the benefits of going digital without losing the fidelity of tactile, real-world prototypes.

SenseGlove - Research

Research & telerobotics

SenseGlove’s philosophy towards researchers is simple: provide more data in an open and accessible manner. Let our VR haptic glove and software help you capture the data you need.

SenseGlove used for marketing


SenseGlove creates a multi-sensory journey for customers without any logistics costs or risks for the equipment. Demonstrate the physical and functional product capabilities via virtual experience that feels real.

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