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What SenseGlove has to offer

Achieve your research goals with SenseGlove. Our extensive plug-and-play Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Unity Engine allows the creation of haptic interactions in VR with little to no coding. For more in-depth research like telerobotics, SenseGlove offers a native C++ SDK that provides the ultimate freedom in data collection. Coupled with per-phalange/26 DoF tracking, our hardware and software give you an unmatched research experience.

What SenseGlove has to offer
Sales Representative

Sales Representative

24 hrs | Delft | Q4 2020

Do you want to be responsible for the sales of the most awesome product on earth, the SenseGlove? And are you convinced you can substantially improve the sales process and scale the sales of SenseGloves among global R&D departments and universities? If so, we are looking for you!

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Internship Noise Robust Controller System

Internship Noise Robust Controller System

Internship | Delft | Start Q1 2021

In this project, you will design an experimental setup to determine the impact of random and non-random (Gaussian) on task performance of either a teleoperated task or a VR training task.

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