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SenseGlove Nova And Happy Quality Japan
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Happy Quality Agriculture VR Training

Learn how Happy Quality implements virtual reality to train users how to use farming equipment, the stomata scope.

Happy Quality technological advancements

Happy Quality provides farmers with cultivation techniques and guidance. With this, they have created several digital processes, such as a Digital Twin remote cultivation guidance system, to achieve high-performance, high-quality, high-unit-price products at a low price and create a global standard.
Logo Happy Quality

Client:Happy Quality

Challenge to solve:

The agriculture industry requires immense precision when it comes to quality and safety standards. Several tools, such as the Stomata Scope need to be used to measure certain levels on plants, however, these tools can be difficult to use. Happy Quality Japan uses a Stomata Scope for their tomato farms. Traditional training methods for Stomata Scope usage in tomato farming are limited, as they often rely on theoretical explanations and lack practical, real-world application. The challenge was to bridge this gap by creating a training environment that simulated the actual conditions of a tomato farm, allowing users to interact with the stomata scope in a lifelike manner.

Implementation of haptic gloves:

Happy Quality Japan partnered with SenseGlove to implement the Nova haptic gloves in a VR training program. The haptic gloves allowed users to feel the sensation of interacting with the stomata scope, providing a realistic and immersive experience. The virtual reality environment recreated a tomato farm, complete with realistic tomato plants and farming equipment, to further increase muscle memory and user retention.

The results:

The implementation of SenseGlove Nova in Happy Quality Japan’s VR training program yielded several positive outcomes:

  • Increased Engagement: Employees will have higher engagement levels due to the immersive and interactive nature of the training, resulting in a more effective learning experience.
  • Improved Skill Acquisition: Users will demonstrate improved proficiency in using the stomata scope, as the haptic feedback facilitated a more accurate and realistic simulation of the task.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Virtual reality training reduces the need for physical resources and on-field training, leading to cost savings and more efficient skill development.
  • Enhanced Crop Health Monitoring: Employees who undergo the VR training, will show a better understanding of stomata analysis, contributing to improved crop health monitoring and overall yield.

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