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Join our academic program and receive a discount to conduct cutting-edge research in XR. With SenseGlove, you can easily experiment and gather innovative data. We provide a clear and user-friendly hardware and software environment that enables you to seamlessly translate your theories into practical applications.

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SenseGlove's already in the hands of 500 professionals:

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Neuroscience of Haptic Technology:

Exploring the neural impact of haptic cues and how they trigger specific responses in the human brain.

Industrial Applications of Haptics:

Investigating how haptics enhances efficiency and safety in industrial processes, exploring its broad potential and adoption.

Comparative Analysis of Controllers and Haptics:

Comparing user experiences and performance outcomes between traditional controllers and haptic devices in various scenarios.

Clinical Trials and Training:

Evaluating haptic technology in clinical trials, rehabilitation programs, and medical training for enhanced sensory feedback and skill development.


Investigating the role of haptic technology in tele-robotics, exploring its potential for remote control and manipulation in various applications.

Other Innovative Approaches to Haptic Integration:

Exploring novel ways of integrating haptic feedback into virtual environments or augmented reality for improved user engagement.

Conduct XR research using a clear ecosystem of hardware and software, an industry-approved haptic device, and documented and regularly updated SDKs.

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Why choose SenseGlove as your research tool?

Unmatched force-feedback

SenseGlove is not just about hardware

Our software and integrations provide you with all the necessary tools in an open and accessible manner. You get everything you need to experiment with haptics and measure the impact on human behaviors and interactions.

Vibro-tactile feedback

SenseGlove is a plug-and-play, incredibly easy-to-use glove

It’s the only haptic glove on the market that combines force-feedback, vibrotactile feedback, and motion capturing with a compact wireless design. So, you can focus on collecting data, not on building your experimental setup.

Proof of concept programs

Since 2018, SenseGlove has been used by over 500 research institutes worldwide

Our haptic gloves have played a key role in hundreds of science projects, from medical and cultural to automotive and aerospace.

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