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Use haptic and force-feedback gloves through our trade-show-ready demo environments. Try the SenseGlove at one of our locations, or from the comfort of your home.

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"It certainly captures the sensation of holding something – and is a damn sight more immersive than using the many wand-like controllers that currently characterise VR interaction"

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Space station: The haptics in this demo let the user get a feel for the density of objects with their own hands. Experience the elasticity of a virtual rubber ball. Feel the vibrations of a drill machine as you fix a mechanical problem. Discover the tensile strength of a glass fuse by crushing it with your own hands.

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Unmatched force-feedback

Unparalleled force-feedback

With a maximum output force of 20 Newtons, no backlash and a completely silent force-feedback system, the patented and wearable technology of SenseGlove is unmatched by any other device.

SenseGlove Accessible

Unmatched quality and affordability

SenseGlove is a fully functional manufactured product which is integratable and usable by every professional developer. The quality and affordability of SenseGlove is unmatched in the industry.

Tendon based

Inspired by your hand's biology

SenseGlove uses tendons imitating human anatomy. This allows us to design beyond the exoskeleton form factor.

Force feedback

Special features HR

With SenseGlove, digital objects have real hand presence. Our patented force-feedback system puts out 20 Newtons of resistance within 10 ms, making digital objects feel real. This makes SenseGlove perfectly suited for VR/AR and telerobotics.

Vibrotactile feedback

Special features HR

Thanks to six vibration actuators, SenseGlove lets you experience collisions, textures, and button clicks where they happen – on your fingertips or the palm of your hand. 

Finger tracking

Special features HR

SenseGlove’s per-finger tracking system and IMU offer an unparalleled 24 degrees of freedom and tracking. Benefit from higher precision, accuracy, and fidelity in simulations, experiments, and data.

What is the warranty of the gloves?

The SenseGlove Nova gloves are CE certified and they have a one year warranty.


What’s in the package and what do the gloves come with?

The Nova package comes in a case equipped with two Nova gloves, a charging plug and cables for the gloves, a guide to get started and the mounts for your controllers as well as screws and tools for attaching them.

What happens if my gloves break after the warranty expires?

You have the option to purchase one and two year extended warranty packages to make sure your gloves are covered for a longer period. If you do not have any extended warranty and your gloves break, we have an hourly rate to fix it.

Is the Nova wireless? How do the gloves connect without cables?

The Nova is totally wireless. It works with the equivalent of BlueTooth IEEE 802.15.1

How much does a SenseGlove weigh?

Each glove weighs around 320 grams.

Can I use just one glove in the simulation?

You can choose to either use both gloves or one only. If you switch on just one glove, this glove will be detected and used for the simulation.

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