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From electrical engineers, haptics researchers and computer vision experts to XR developers, UX designers and product innovators, SenseGlove is a team of sci-fi enthusiasts with skills and passion to enrich human capabilities and bring sense to the Metaverse.

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20 Newtons of force-feedback
The SenseGlove DK1 offers 23 degrees of freedom
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Tested for 1 million cycles of usage
SenseGlove company and product background

Company and product background

SenseGlove originates from the graduation project of its two founders, Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter, at the Delft University of Technology, the MIT of Europe. The first working prototype along with a VR use case was created in 2017 together with Volkswagen, which remains our partner to this day.

Company mission

SenseGlove is an innovation driven company on a mission to create the mouse and keyboard of the future. We believe that in the era of the Metaverse digital interactions will feel as natural as the real ones: in addition to clicking and scrolling you will be able to touch, grab, hold and feel the virtual as if it was real. Already available for professionals using SenseGlove, these interactions will be ultimately a norm for everyone. Just like the mouse and keyboard today.
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What makes SenseGlove the most intuitive interaction device


Unparalleled haptic technology

SenseGlove force feedback technology is the most crucial element of realistic simulation, as it provides the feeling of the size and density of virtual objects. Combined with vibrotactile feedback to feel impact simulations, it creates the most intuitive experience.


Approved quality and accessibility

SenseGlove is a fully functional wearable in production, accessible to any XR professional. It’s been applied and approved by over 100 corporations: Volkswagen, P&G, Airbus, etc. Our custom-made Proof of Concept program will help you with your first haptic use-case.

Compact adaptable design

SenseGlove products are super easy to use. The Nova is a wireless glove made to be donned in 5 seconds, and is adjustable to 3 different sizes for a perfect haptic experience. The Nova is an adjustable glove that easily fits on any hand. 

Our value proposition

By adding touch, SenseGlove enables natural interactions in spatial computing, resulting in a new digital reality which is accessible for every professional

Want to shape the future of virtual interactions together?

Our people make the difference, do you share our vision of a future of virtual interactions that feel like real? Then join our team.

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