SenseGlove for marketing

SenseGlove allows to create a multi-sensory journey for customers without any logistics costs or risks for the equipment. Demonstrate the physical and functional capabilities of your products via virtual experience that feels real.

SenseGlove for marketing

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SenseGlove Virtual prototyping

Showcasing products

Virtual Reality is already used by brands to demonstrate products and while VR allows visualising anything, it does not provide a realistic "try before you buy" experience. Haptic feedback gloves add true realism through the feeling of touch. Users can interact with your product as if it was real

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How SenseGlove helps to reach customers

Thanks to force-and vibrotactile feedback, the gloves allow you to physically interact with products and feel virtual objects, developing trust and emotional connection with the brand. Brands use haptic gloves as a way to demonstrate the physical and functional capabilities of their products, which are too expensive or difficult to show in real life.
Being used in trade shows, sent out to clients, or brought to business meetings, haptic gloves create a multi-sensory journey for customers without any logistics costs or risks for the equipment.

How SenseGlove helps to reach customers

SenseGlove integrations

SenseGlove Virtual Prototyping Unreal engine
SenseGlove Virtual Prototyping Unity
SenseGlove Virtual Prototyping Tea

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What makes SenseGlove the most intuitive interaction device

Unmatched force-feedback

Unparalleled haptic technology

SenseGlove force feedback technology is the most crucial element of realistic simulation, as it provides the feeling of the size and density of virtual objects. Combined with vibrotactile feedback to feel impact simulations, it creates the most intuitive experience.
Vibro-tactile feedback

Approved quality and accessibility

SenseGlove is a fully functional wearable in production, accessible to any XR professional. It’s been applied and approved by over 100 corporations: Volkswagen, P&G, Airbus, etc. Our custom-made Proof of Concept program will help you with your first haptic use-case.
Proof of concept programs

Compact adaptable design

SenseGlove products are super easy to use. The Nova is a wireless glove made to be donned in 5 seconds, and is adjustable to 3 different sizes for a perfect haptic experience.

How our clients use SenseGlove


London North Eastern Railway

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) implemented SenseGlove Nova for the railroad VR training in assembling a train ramp in Virtual Reality. 


Royal Netherlands Army

SenseGlove’s Nova was implemented in a Virtual Reality training program for the Royal Netherlands Army.


Erasmus MC

Patients of the Erasmus medical centre can use SenseGlove DK1 to practice the movements that are important for their recovery.


Staffordshire University

SenseGlove DK1 is used to research new ways to communicate history, combining interactive gaming experiences and ceramics.



The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research has created a Haptic Bimanual Telexistence System using SenseGlove DK1.

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