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Sandvik Mining trucks hydraulic oil level training

Sandvik has created a virtual demo with the SenseGlove Nova to train employees on how to fill up the hydraulic oil level in their mining trucks.

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Client representative:Berne Venter

His/her role:Competence Development Specialist

Challenge to solve

The process of filling up the hydraulic oil level in mining trucks is intricate and detailed. This requires several training hours in order for employees to memorise the many steps that go into efficiently operating mining trucks. Repeatedly using the same mining trucks for employees to learn these processes is timely and inefficient. In addition, this process can present an unsafe environment for employees. The challenge presented targets training and making the process of filing the hydraulic oil level in mining trucks more efficient and more safe.

Implementation of haptic gloves

The SenseGlove Nova was integrated into Sandvik’s virtual training program, leveraging haptics to revolutionise the way employees are trained in routine maintenance procedures. Sandvik has created a virtual demo with the SenseGlove Nova to train employees on how to fill up the hydraulic oil level in their mining trucks. The demo shows how VR and Haptics can be used to up-skill employees and customers in a safe and realistic environment on performing routine maintenance procedures.

By integrating the SenseGlove nova, Sandvik’s training for the hydraulic oil level in mining trucks allows trainees to naturally interact with virtual objects, mimicking real-world scenarios with remarkable precision.

The results

By applying haptics to this case, Sandvik was able to:

  • Enhance the realism and immersion of their trainings
  • Improve memory retention
  • Tactile learning and muscle memory
  • Safe simulation of real-world scenarios
  • Efficient skill transfer to real-world applications
  • Cost and resource savings

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Highlighted awards

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SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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