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Sales and purchase

Is the SenseGlove available in other colours?

What is wrong with blue? Just kidding! We can discuss customization options for order quantities above 100 items

Sales and purchase

Where do I find SenseGlove’s Terms and Conditions of sale?

SenseGlove general Terms and Conditions (including our Warranty policy and End-User License Agreement) are available for your review here.

Sales and purchase

Do you have a reseller for Asian markets?

We have official resellers in Japan and Korea, and we do ship to almost every country in the world. You may refer to our list of resellers.

We are constantly looking for new distributors that align with our vision, if you are interested in distributing SenseGlove please fill out the contact form. Please indicate "Other" as your form category, in order for us to handle your request efficiently.

Sales and purchase

I am on backorder, when can I expect my delivery?

To ensure the highest quality in the delivered product, we hold back some models for additional testing. This may cause the delivery to take longer. On average we ship every order within two weeks after confirmation of the purchase. If in any case it takes longer, feel free to contact us about the status of your order.

Sales and purchase

How can I delay the delivery of my current order?

If your SenseGlove has not yet shipped, please send your request to SenseGlove Customer Support so that we can agree a new suitable time for the delivery.

Sales and purchase

What if I have already placed an order and I am not working at the office, can I re-route the delivery to my home?

Yes, re-routing is possible if your order has not yet shipped. If your order has already shipped, and the new address is in the same country as your original delivery address, contact us, and we will do our best to get your delivery re-routed. Please send your re-routing request and new address to SenseGlove customer support by filling out this form (Category: Support). If your order is already in transit, you may also be able to contact the carrier for a change in delivery location or date.

Sales and purchase

My country is closing / has closed the borders for travelling. Can I still receive commercial goods?

Yes, although times are uncertain you can still receive your goods. Delivery times may vary. We do not ship to countries with official trade restrictions on the Netherlands. 

Sales and purchase

How has COVID-19 affected the delivery times?

No, with the help of extensive contingency planning, SenseGlove supply operations have recovered well. At the moment we can ship all products within the expected time. For potential delivery delays please consult your local postal service. 

Sales and purchase

What are delivery times for your products?

We try to ship your order within two weeks after purchase. Delivery times vary depending on your region. You will receive a track and trace code via email once we ship your order. Orders within Europe take on average 4 days to arrive. 

Sales and purchase

What if I am not working at the office, can I order the product to another address?

Yes, when placing a new order, you can set your home office location as the delivery address.

Sales and purchase

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

When your order gets dispatched, you will automatically receive a shipment notification e-mail from us together with a carrier tracking number. This way you can stay up to date with the tracking information online.

Sales and purchase

I would like to receive a quote from you, how should I proceed?

You can request a quote by selecting the "Request Purchase Order" when you are at the "checkout" stage of the online store. Alternatively you can request a quote via our contact form (Category: Product order).

Sales and purchase

How can I place an order?

You can submit a sales order on our web store.

It is possible to pay by credit card or choose a pre-payment invoice for a wire bank account transfer.

In case you would like to place an order against an already-existing quote, please inform us of your purchasing willingness and quote number via a sales contact form.

Alternatively you could send your purchase order to We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to process the order.

Sales and purchase

How much does the SenseGlove cost?

A base package costs €2999. Depending on your needs, a wireless kit, warranty and developing hours are available.

You can find more details here.

Getting started

Is SenseGlove compatible with Linux?

An Alpha release of our C++ API is compatible with 64-bit Linux systems, and is available or testing here.

Please direct further questions and requests via our contact form. Please indicate "Other" as your form category.

Getting started

Is SenseGlove compatible with Windows?

Yes, SenseGlove is compatible with Windows 10 and onwards. For older versions of Windows, a custom hardware driver must be manually installed. You can request assistance with this step via our contact form.

Getting started

Is SenseGlove compatible with MacOS?

Currently, SenseGlove is not compatible with MacOS. SenseGlove will officially be hipster from Q1 2021.

Getting started

Can I use the SenseGlove in combination with AR?

Yes; The Sense Glove SDK can be used in combination with AR Headsets through the Unity Engine.  However the SenseGlove relies on external positional tracking.

We have worked projects with the Meta 2 headset. In this case, Vive Trackers were used to determine hand position relative to the headset.

Getting started

Is the SenseGlove compatible with the Oculus Quest?

Currently, you can run a simulation with the SenseGlove on the Oculus Quest if the Quest is connected to a PC via a USB-C cable ( The SenseGlove should also be connected to the same PC.

It is not possible to have a direct wireless connection between the SenseGlove and the Oculus Quest since the Quest runs on an android platform (The SenseGlove is not yet compatible with Android). This compatibility will be available in March 2021.

Getting started

Is the SenseGlove compatible with the Oculus Rift-S?

Yes; The Sense Glove SDK is not dependant on an HMD to function

In addition, a mount for Oculus Touch controllers can be used to add positional tracking to your SenseGloves. The SenseGlove comes with a Vive Tracker mount by default. Please indicate with your purchase that you would like to use the SenseGlove in combination with the Oculus Rift S. We will supply you with an Oculus controller mount.

Getting started

Is the SenseGlove compatible with the HTC vive and HTC Vive Pro?

Yes; The Sense Glove SDK is not dependant on an HMD to function.

The SenseGlove is compatible with HTC Vive systems, by using Vive Trackers for positional tracking. The SenseGlove DK1 comes with two HTC vive tracker mounts by default. 

Getting started

Does the SenseGlove have absolute positional tracking?

No; the SenseGlove only tracks finger-movement, as well as hand rotation using an Inertial Measurement Unit. For the position of the hand / forearm in 3D space, the SenseGlove relies on external tracking.

When ordering, you can request mounts for either the HTC vice tracker or the Oculus Rift-S controller. Integrations with camera-based systems such as Vicon or OptiTrack or with IMU suits such as Xsens are also possible; please contact us with your specific system.

Product features

Can the SenseGlove Force Feedback cause injuries?

Unlike some of our competitors, the resistive force feedback in the SenseGlove is inherently safe: We provide resistance against the user's motion in the flexion / grasping directions, rather than moving the hand directly. SenseGloves have been on the market over a year without any reported injuries.

Product features

How much does a SenseGlove weigh?

Each glove in the SenseGlove Development Kit 1 (or simply DK1) weighs 300 grams or 10.6 oz, excluding any additional tracking hardware and the Wireless Kit. 

Product features

What is the Senseglove made of? Is it a 3D print? What sort of materials does it use?

All SenseGlove parts are professionally injection molded and made out of ABS, the same production and plastic used in making Lego.

Product features

Is the SenseGlove SDK Open-Source?

No; it is not fully open source: Our low-level API, containing the kinematic algorithms and communication protocols is embedded in libraries and cannot be altered. These libraries do allow a low-level access to sensor data and near-direct control of the actuators within the hardware.

The scripts and blueprints of our Unity and Unreal plugins are open-source, and can be edited to suit your needs under an MIT license.

Product features

How long does the Wireless Kit’s battery last?

The battery will last about two hours during average use. If the glove is being used at maximum capacity, with all Force- and Vibrotactile feedback enabled at all times, the battery will last for at least one hour.

Product features

What is the maximum distance that the Wireless Kit can reach?

With the Wireless Kit you can be a maximum of 10 meters (36ft) from your computational source. The SenseGlove uses a standard 2.4GHz protocol. 

Product features

Which HMD and tracking systems are supported?

The Sense Glove SDK is not dependant on an HMD to function.

However, the SenseGlove does not have any absolute positional tracking and will require additional hardware to track the forearm or wrist position. When ordering, you can request mounts for either the HTC vice tracker or the Oculus Rift-S controller.

Integrations with camera-based systems such as Vicon or OptiTrack or with IMU suits such as Xsens are also possible; please contact us with your specific system

Product features

What development environments or game engines are supported by the SenseGlove API?

SenseGlove offers a low-level API, available in either C++ or C#, with example projects built  for Visual Studio.

An extensive Unity API is also available. 

An SDK for the Unreal Engine is on track for release in Q4 2020.

Product features

Is the force feedback applied to each finger, and what is the maximum force?

The force-feedback is applied to each fingertip in the flexion / grasping direction. The maximum force applied to each fingertip is 40N.

Product features

Can the SenseGlove Simulate Elastic and Compliant Materials?

Yes, the Sense Glove can simulate different material densities and properties through its force feedback: Developers are able to control the intensity of the Force-Feedback motors by setting its vale between 0 and 100%.

In the Unity Plugin, the force-feedback intensity is varied based on how far the fingers pass through colliders, creating a distinction between hard and soft materials.

Product features

How many degrees of freedom can the SenseGlove capture?

The SenseGlove tracks 24 degrees of freedom:

  • One degree per finger for ab / adduction of the fingers (spreading).
  • Three degrees per finger for flexion and extension.
  • One degree of freedom for the pronation / supination of the thumb (twist). 
  • Three degrees of freedom for hand rotation are captured by an Inertial Measurement Unit in the hub of the SenseGlove.

Product features

What is haptic feedback? What kinds of feedback does the SenseGlove offer?

Haptic, or touch-based feedback, is critical to giving hand presence to virtual objects in the digital world. With the SenseGlove, you can experience two forms of haptic feedback; force feedback and vibrotactile feedback. Force feedback is useful for object shape and compliance while vibrotactile feedback is useful for textures and object interactions -- e.g. button clicks. 

In the SenseGlove we offer five individually controllable force feedback motors, five individually controllable fingertip vibration motors, and one larger "thumper" vibration motor in the palm of the hand. When properly combined, these actuators make the digital world feel real.

Warranty and support

What happens to my outdated SenseGlove?

You can always update the firmware of your SenseGlove to make sure it is working the way it is programmed to work. You can update the firmware by following this guide. If your SenseGlove is at its end of life you can put it in your company's museum. 

Warranty and support

I need technical support regarding SenseGlove products, how can I get help from you?

You can check if a similar question has been answered before in the on our forum. Otherwise, you can send us a support request online by using this form and we will do our best to solve your technical issue as soon as possible.

Warranty and support

Should I expect additional delays in the SenseGlove technical support due to COVID-19?

SenseGlove’s technical support teams are working normally and available for any customer inquiries. On average we respond to questions within 3 days

Best way to reach us is to send a query via the Contact Form.

Warranty and support

How do I update my SenseGlove Software or Firmware?

The new releases of the SenseGlove SDKs and APIs can be downloaded here. If you have a DK1.1 or DK1.2 and want to be compatible with the Wireless Kit please schedule an appointment with our support to update your firmware. You can contact us for an appointment via the contact form (Please indicate "Support" as your desired form category).

Warranty and support

My SenseGlove may be broken, what do I do?

Please contact us via the contact form and we will discuss the options with you in person. Please indicate "Support" as the category for your form.

Warranty and support

What is covered without the warranty package?

The SenseGlove DK1 is a product meant for development of haptic interactions within spatial computing. The DK1 is not meant for mass implementation and therefore comes with limited warranty. We guarantee a working SenseGlove at arrival. If within two weeks something does not appear to be working we will repair it free of charge. Issues that might occur at more gloves (also referred to as known issues or production errors) will be repaired without costs until a year after purchase. 

Clients holding a warranty for their SenseGloves also enjoy free shipping services in the case of a fault.

Warranty and support

What is covered in the extra warranty package?

In this package we guarantee a lifecycle of up to 1M movements, this is based on an estimated intensive usage for a duration of 1 year. Therefore we take a year as our benchmark. Every error that does occur from normal use we will repair without additional costs. This excludes errors that occur due to abuse, or accidental drops. This warranty package also includes customer support hours up to 10 hours (via phone/video-call and email).