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Featured Volkswagen
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Volkswagen improves Car Assembly Training and keeps the equipment safe

Learn how Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles improves assembly training efficiency using SenseGlove Nova.

Volkswagen and VR training

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has experimented with VR and haptics for the past few years in order to improve the efficiency of its pre-training program and save time. VR enables Volkswagen employees to train from any location without the need to visit the company’s professional showroom to access the vehicles. The combination of haptic gloves in combination with VR helps to increase the realism of VR training and allows trainees to get familiar with the equipment at the early stage of production.
Volkswagen - white

Client:Volkswagen Group

Client representative:Friedrich Mattiszik

His/her role:Head of Production System

Challenge to solve

Traditional VR training allowed Volkswagen to protect the training equipment from being damaged, however it did not allow trainees to interact naturally. Additionally, the need to continuously keep the controllers in the user’s hands meant trainees were unable to grab things, let them go again or feel the details of different sizes in their hands.

“We want to make the pre-training as realistic as possible for two reasons. First, it saves time. The employees from the line do not have to come to our physical location to train; they can experience it in VR. Second, it enables us to keep the expensive pre-series vehicles we need here in the professional showroom in order to qualify the employees,” said Friedrich Mattiszik, Head of Production System at Volkswagen.

Implementation of haptic gloves. Haptic gloves VS traditional controllers

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles began testing SenseGlove Nova in 2021 in an effort to compare traditional VR training with controllers to VR training that uses haptic force-feedback gloves. Volkswagen team decided to test haptic gloves for automotive VR training in assembling a T6 and T7 vehicle door. The goal was to improve the realism of VR simulation and to protect the expensive vehicles from damage that could potentially occur during real life training. Assembly line trainees who donned SenseGlove Nova haptic force feedback gloves in a virtual environment were able to physically feel the virtual parts of the vehicle, explore the details of the virtual door, and interact with them in a natural way.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

The Results

Everyone from the Head of Production to Trainer and Trainees at Volkswagen found the gloves to be more efficient than controllers. 

“One hundred percent of the trainees who completed the T6 vehicle assembly training found it more realistic to work with SenseGlove Nova versus the controller, simply because they could do more, like grabbing things. It just feels more realistic”

Marcos Antelo Barrio Trainer at Volkswagen

The trainees who tested SenseGlove Nova in comparison to the the controllers greatly appreciated the added realism and natural interactions with the gloves: “I personally think one generally gets a better feedback, because you put things together, like two plugs, and it simply feels more real,” stated one Volkswagen Trainee.

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