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Erasmus MC Improves Brain Damage Rehabilitation

Learn how Erasmus MC improves safety and increases patient motivation using SenseGlove

Erasmus MC and VR training

Erasmus MC has undertaken various projects and research related to VR, ranging from simulating CPR and lung surgery to visualizing the heart in three dimensions for surgical preparation.
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Client:Erasmus MC

Client representative:Dr. ir. Bram Onneweer

His/her role:A researcher at Erasmus MC and TU Delft

Challenge to solve

For individuals recovering from brain damage, simple actions often require extensive practice. While VR is excellent for visualization, the need to constantly hold controllers can hinder natural interaction and the sensation of virtual objects, presenting a barrier to the rehabilitation process.

Implementation of Haptic Gloves

Patients at the Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre now have the opportunity to use SenseGlove DK1 for practicing essential movements crucial to their recovery. Training occurs within a virtual kitchen environment, allowing patients to exercise without continuous therapist supervision. Force-feedback gloves enable patients to interact with virtual objects as if they were real, perceiving the size and density differences between, for example, an egg and a sugar cube. They can also feel the softness of a sponge and the grip of a teacup.


Through VR exercises, patients can initiate their rehabilitation at an earlier stage. They achieve scores and surpass their previous records without the risk of dropping pans or injuring themselves with hot tea. This innovative approach to rehabilitation enhances safety, increases patient motivation, and offers personalized experiences for each individual.

Physiotherapist and innovation policy advisor Marc Evers, collaborating with the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physiotherapy at Rijndam Rehabilitation and TU Delft, expressed, “With the SenseGlove, therapists can safely guide patients with limited arm-hand function through exercises and accurately track their progress. This method is more motivating and builds self-confidence. Our patients also enjoy practicing, similar to playing a computer game with performance-based tasks.”

“SenseGlove enables us to precisely measure movements and strength, allowing us to tailor rehabilitation programs to individual progress.”

Dr. ir. Bram Onneweer

Dr. ir. Bram Onneweer, a researcher at Erasmus MC and TU Delft, as well as the coordinator of the Living Lab at Rijndam Revalidation, added, “SenseGlove enables us to precisely measure movements and strength, allowing us to tailor rehabilitation programs to individual progress.”

Marc Evers further emphasized, “With the SenseGlove, individuals can practice as often as they desire, and therapists need not intervene. This not only enhances safety but also contributes to building self-confidence.”

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SenseGlove - Best innovation
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SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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