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Case Study:
Haptic Force-Feedback Gloves for Brain Damage Rehabilitation

Simple actions may require a lot of practice for people who recover from brain damage. The patients of Rijndam rehabilitation centre can use SenseGlove DK1 to practice the movements that are important for their recovery. The training takes place in virtual kitchen environment and patients can exercise without the permanent supervision of a therapist. 

Client: Erasmus MC

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Force-feedback gloves allow to interact with virtual objects as if they were real: patients feel the size and density of the virtual objects,
feeling the difference between an egg and a sugar cube. They feel the softness of the sponge in their hands and the harness of the teacup. 

By exercising in VR, they can start their rehabilitation at an earlier stage. Patients get scores and beat their records without being at risk of dropping pans or burning themselves with a hot tea.

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