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District XR accelerating recovery process using SenseGlove Nova

District XR has implemented SenseGlove Nova to accelerate the recovery of motor functions after severe injuries.

Client: District XR

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In partnership with SenseGlove District XR  launched a pilot project to accelerate the pace of recovery from physical injuries, in particular motor function of the hands after severe injuries.

The recovery of such patients is a complex, multi-step process, and the goal of the project was to test the possibility to speed up and simplify the recovery process using Virtual Reality and haptic gloves.   

“The gloves provide accuracy and good speed of device tracking in virtual reality thanks to the sensors placed on the fingers. It opens up a wide range of possibilities in the digital environment because the patient can interact with the smallest objects in VR. In addition, SenseGlove Nova is equipped with haptic force- feedback, which enhances the transmission of sensations for a complete immersion of the patient in a virtual environment,”  says  the CEO of District XR Nikolay Volkov.

Thanks to these functionalities, the patients could execute the developed scenario and literally feel the object they interact with. 

“The main advantage of such training is that we can tailor the complexity of the scenario individually according to the progress of each patient. All processes can be recorded and replayed/reviewed by a doctor in order to adjust the program. It is also important that gloves help to safely and easily repeat the scenario many times, simulate any situation, even the most unrealistic one and can be widely scaled,”  adds the CEO of District XR.  

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