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Procter and Gamble Health

P&G Health raises awareness of nerve disease through a global marketing campaign

Learn how P&G uses SenseGlove to improve the diagnostic process by simulating the symptoms of a nerve damage disease.

P&G and VR simulations

P&G has its track record of pushing the boundaries of innovation and virtual reality (VR). During many years they showcased virtual experiences: an example of this is P&G’s LifeLab at CES 2022, which served as an immersive virtual world initially built in 2020, introduced at CES 2021, and subsequently reenvisioned with the most recent product innovations in 2022.

Client:Procter & Gamble Health

Client representative:Alexandre Rigat

His/her role:Senior Marketing manager

Challenge to solve

For P&G Health it was hard to bring over a marketing message of a disease that is commonly overlooked by people and general practitioners. Diagnosing nerve damage may be difficult due to its complex and hard-to-visualize nature. It is also a disease that people rarely speak about, so it’s symptoms may be overlooked as well. Therefore Procter and Gamble  wanted to create a campaign to increase the awareness of nerve damage.

Implementation of haptic gloves

SenseGlove DK1 proved to be an ideal tool for addressing the challenge. Together with P&G, SenseGlove created an environment for individuals to experience what it’s like to live with a nerve damage disease. When users put on the haptic gloves, they first go through a scenario without any symptoms, and then they repeat the same scenario while experiencing the symptoms of the condition. As they begin to feel tingling in their fingers, the glove reduces resistance, leading most people to unintentionally drop the object they’re holding. This provides a tangible sense of what it’s like to have this disease. The goal is to offer an eye-opening experience for the general public, encouraging them to consider seeking medical advice. Additionally, it serves as a moment of awareness for general practitioners, helping them better empathize with their patients.


This simulation played a crucial role in a global campaign by Procter & Gamble Health to raise awareness about nerve damage and foster empathy for those who suffer from it. Procter & Gamble Health featured this immersive experience at industry conferences in Brazil, Portugal, the Philippines, and Switzerland. It enabled both general practitioners (GPs) and the general public to firsthand experience the symptoms of nerve damage, facilitating earlier diagnosis.

Alexandre Rigat, Senior Marketing Manager at Procter and Gamble Health, commented, ‘Everyone was very pleased with the glove and the experience.’

This innovative marketing approach significantly increased traffic to their booths at conferences and roadshows. Through the distribution of the video, P&G Health successfully heightened public awareness of the symptoms of nerve damage and enhanced their brand’s reputation in an effective and innovative manner.”

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Highlighted awards

Laval Virtual - Best VR
SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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