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Virtually there
Virtually There

Virtually There transforms training in the meat processing industry

Learn how Australian VR company, Virtually There Training, deliver full sensory experience for meat processing workers using SenseGlove Nova.

Virtually There and VR training

Established in 2015, Virtually There Training is a company focused on computer-based training tools for the emergency response sector. Within VR, their aim is to enhance readiness for individuals confronting hazardous and demanding scenarios regularly. The company offers VR training solutions to urban areas, fire departments, and educational institutions.
Virtually There

Client:Virtually There

Client representative:Sean Starling

His/her role:Innovation Consultant

Challenge to solve:

Previously, VR training in the meat processing industry was performed using solely VR controllers. Despite providing a cost-effective solution, the training severely lacked realism, as trainees were forced to perform tasks with unnatural interactions. The goal of the company was to create an environment where new employees can safely practice slicing the pieces of meat without the risk of any waste, health or safety issues

Implementation of haptic gloves

Australian VR company, Virtually There, have integrated haptic feedback and wrist tracking to provide trainees within the meat processing industry with a full sensory experience.
The gloves are being used in VR training scenarios in which trainees must follow instructions to slice different cuts of meat. The combination of force feedback and vibrotactile feedback means that trainees are able to feel the tools they are using in VR and complete each task in a realistic way.

The results

Thanks to the use of SenseGlove Nova trainees are now able to use their hands to complete their virtual tasks rather than just simple controllers. The addition of the sense of touch, provides a fully immersive experience for the trainee, increasing muscle memory and speeding up the training process. 
Training in VR with haptic gloves accelerates the process of obtaining the required practical skills within the industry.

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