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Veyond Metaverse and VR training

Learn how Veyond Metaverse has enhanced Automotive wheel assembly training

Veyond Metaverse and VR training

Veyond Metaverse specializes in creating extended reality (XR) solutions that enhance industrial training, manufacturing and assembly training.
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Client:Veyond Metaverse

Client representative:Joon Chung, PhD

His/her role:Co-founder and CTO


Whilst VR training allows workers to understand the assembly processes, trainees found a sereve lack of realism in the virtual training. Employees were unable to actually feel and interact naturally with their virtual environment and objects.

Implementation of haptic gloves

Veyond Metaverse developed a multiplayer VR simulation for training in automotive wheel assembly. The aim was to create a realistic virtual environment where trainees could collaborate with eachother and interaction with the various virtual objects.

The integration of SenseGlove Nova empowers trainees to interact intuitively with these objects.


By providing force feedback, vibrotactile feedback and hand tracking, trainees are now able to use their sense of touch to hold, feel and discover the different parts of the wheel and engine. They can receive feedback when touching buttons, and collaboratively develop their skills.

Creating natural interactions provides a far more realistic training, enhancing muscle memory and memory retention.

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Highlighted awards

Laval Virtual - Best VR
SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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