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Extend Robotics and QuarkXR human-robot interface XR application

Extend Robotics utilises extended reality to allow individuals without robotic expertise to remotely control robots. Their AMAS solution allows operators to effortlessly control robots with no geographical boundaries.

Extend Robotics and QuarkXR human-robot interface XR application

Learn how Extend Robotics and QuarkXR use the Nova to create an extended reality robotics application.
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Client:Extend Robotics

Client representative:Dr Chang Liu

His/her role:Founder CEO & Chief Designer

Challenge to solve

Currently, operating robotics is an incredibly intricate, detailed and complicated task, limiting the number of users and excluding those who lack the skill set. The challenge was to create an intuitive human-robot application using XR, to bridge the gap between robotics and its possible operators and to create an environment where operators can work at any safe distance required.

Implementation of haptic gloves

In collaboration with QuarkXR, Extend Robotics developed a seamless human-robot interface XR application. This solution aimed to make the process of operating robots more straightforward and effortless, without geographical boundaries. By integrating the SenseGlove Nova, operators could interact with objects in a more natural way, being able to feel the objects they were manipulating with the robotics.

The results

This collaboration allowed Extend Robotics to achieve their desired outcome in creating a more realistic and effortless way of controlling robotics from any location. The SenseGlove Nova allowed users to operate the robot and interact with objects in the simplest way, using their own hands.

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Highlighted awards

Laval Virtual - Best VR
SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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