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SenseGlove attracts funding for international growth

Delft, November 13th , 2019 – SenseGlove attracted an undisclosed amount of funding from and Value Creation Capital to accelerate product development and international sales of their unique haptic glove. This achievement was made public during the 5th edition of the VR Days in Amsterdam. The spin-off company from Delft University of Technology recently launched their second version of their product, that provides both tactile- and force feedback as well as accurate motion-tracking.

In the current Extended Reality (XR) market, interactions in the digital 3D world is still limited to the use of controllers and simple motion tracking. SenseGlove’s unique low latency force-feedback system enables the user to reach beyond the limitations of controllers and interact fully natural - feeling the shape and density of virtual objects.

The XR market is growing fast with an expected growth rate of 65% until 2024. SenseGlove is unique in providing full force and haptic feedback in a wearable that has the potential of being implemented at large scale. Tens of large enterprises already use the SenseGloves in verticals like Automotive, Defense, Telecommunications and Manufacturing. Amongst others, VW, Scania, Procter & Gamble and Deutsche Telekom are being served.


We are very pleased to announce the investment in SenseGlove by these two high-profile investment firms”, Gijs den Butter co-founder and CEO of SenseGlove Says. “With Per Slycke and David Cerda Salzmann joining our Advisory Board, we bring on board talent, experience and a proven track record in our market. This will enable us to implement our leading force-feedback technology on a worldwide scale and accelerate the development of it.”


“We see a huge potential for VR applications within numerous business processes, such as the training of employees. We believe that SenseGlove can add significant value to these applications with their state-of-the-art glove. Their technology facilitates replacing expensive settings from the real world with cost-effective settings in the virtual reality. This enables corporates to rethink the way they train people or design facilities” David Cerda Salzmann partner of Forward One explains. “SenseGlove has a highly skilled and truly motivated team and we look forward helping them in unlocking VR’s full potential.”

We are continuously looking for ambitious companies that make an impact with their core technology and shape business markets with their applications. SenseGlove combines extensive expertise and knowledge of hard, firm and software into user-friendly applications that respond to a fast-growing need for digitalising critical business processes.”, says Ronald Wissink, Managing Partner with Value Creation Capital. “That combination offers us an

attractive perspective in a market that has an enormous potential for the coming years.”


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The Sense Glove provides the most natural interaction in virtual and augmented reality. The company, a spin-off from Delft University of Technology, was founded in 2015 and started with developing physical therapy devices for rehabilitation. When the market of VR started to accelerate in 2017, the company changed its scope to the XR business markets. The company’s believe is to provide interactions with objects and persons equal to those in the real world is the only way to fully utilise the potential of VR and AR. SenseGlove is the frontrunner and to be used as a fully physics-based controller for VR and AR. The unique force feedback system enables the user to feel the density and shape of virtual objects.


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