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Three  Research Examples With VR Haptic Gloves 


Researchers increasingly turn to VR technology for education and exploration, yet they face significant hurdles due to its inherent limitations. One glaring drawback is the absence of the sense of touch in VR, which has spurred the development of haptic technology. This innovation has revolutionized spatial perception within VR environments, enabling a more immersive and lifelike experience for users.

In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of VR research, exploring the transformative potential unlocked by haptic gloves. Through compelling examples, we will showcase the innovative endeavors of pioneering companies in the field. Staffordshire University researcher, Emma Fallows, harnessed haptic technology to enhance museum experiences, enabling visitors to touch and feel delicate artifacts in virtual replicas. Collaborative efforts between Veyond Metaverse and neurosurgeons at the University of Western Ontario resulted in an immersive XR simulation for medical students, offering a lifelike experience of EVD surgery through the Nova gloves. Additionally, TNO, the Dutch research organization, utilized SenseGlove’s DK1 haptic gloves to revolutionize remote operations, ensuring operator safety while enabling precise control of robotic arms. Join us as we explore these remarkable case studies, shedding light on the boundless possibilities that haptic gloves offer in the realm of VR research.

Immersive History

Research project by Staffordshire University.

Emma Fallows, a researcher at Staffordshire University, collaborated with SenseGlove to enhance museum experiences by creating virtual replicas of delicate artifacts. By incorporating haptic feedback, visitors can now touch and feel these objects, fostering a deeper understanding of historical artifacts and their significance. The integration of haptic technology not only enhances visitor engagement but also contributes to the preservation of fragile artifacts by minimizing physical handling. Moreover, haptic technology has the potential to redefine historical experiences. By creating extended reality scenarios, users can immerse themselves in the tools and tasks of our ancestors, bridging the gap between past and present in an engaging manner.

Medical Experiences 

Training by Veyond Metaverse and neurosurgeons at University of Western Ontario.

In the medical field, haptic technology has transformed medical education. Veyond Metaverse and neurosurgeons at the University of Western Ontario collaborated with SenseGlove to develop an Extended Reality (XR) simulation for EVD surgery. The Nova gloves provided haptic feedback, allowing students to practice complex movements and experience the tactile sensations of surgical tools. This immersive simulation empowers medical students to gain real-world surgical skills in a risk-free environment, enhancing their confidence and expertise.

High-Risk Operations

Teleoperation research project by TNO

TNO, a Dutch research organization, harnessed SenseGlove’s DK1 haptic gloves to improve remote operations in high-risk tasks. Operators could remotely analyze suspicious containers using robotic arms and hands, feeling the objects within the container from a safe distance. This technology not only ensures the safety of operators but also enhances decision-making by providing critical sensory information. From search and rescue missions to military operations, haptic technology is revolutionizing high-risk fields, safeguarding both human lives and valuable assets.

Feeling the Future

The applications of haptic technology continue to expand, with ongoing exploration in diverse fields. Remote teleoperations could revolutionize industries like Gas and Oil by enabling remote inspections of off-shore platforms and underwater pipelines. Agriculture might benefit from haptic technology for tasks such as crop collection and pest control. Museums could undergo a fundamental transformation, offering interactive experiences that allow visitors to travel back in time and witness historical events firsthand.

In essence, haptic technology coupled with VR, opens doors to endless possibilities. SenseGlove encourages businesses and innovators to embrace creativity, pushing the boundaries of immersive research and shaping a future where touch truly knows no bounds. Embrace the revolution, and let your imagination soar into the realm of limitless haptic experiences.

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