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SenseGlove’s Journey: Celebrating 5 Years with the Nova Blue

The start of SenseGlove

Five years ago, co-founders Gijs Den Butter and Johannes Luijten shipped their very first glove, the DK1. Starting the development of SenseGlove as their graduation project in 2015, the original prototype, a robotic hand, was to be used as a form of rehabilitation for stroke victims.

With XR developments growing at an accelerating rate, and Facebook having acquired Oculus, it was clear to Gijs and Johannes that the world of XR had immense potential. SenseGlove made the decision to change its direction from the rehabilitation field to the manufacturing industry. 

Gijs Den Butter & Johannes Luijten

The DK1: its impact on SenseGlove and haptics

Their journey into haptics started with the DK1, an exoskeleton haptic glove that included finger tracking; to detect and follow the movements of one’s hand, vibrotactile feedback; creating a vibrating pulse, and force feedback; a motor braking system, creating resistance when closing the hands. Blue in colour, the DK1 paved the way for future SenseGlove haptics to come. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Demo with DK1 haptic glove

In 2018, Volkswagen was looking into the field of XR and how it could be applied to their production and manufacturing processes to make them more technically and cost efficient. This resulted in the first official sale of the DK1. Volkswagen used the haptic glove in an assembly training program for the electric components within the T6 van’s sliding door. 

Following the DK1, the Nova was created. A wireless haptic glove with enhanced technology. This project and relationship with Volkswagen has continued as they now use the Nova for their assembly training.

The Nova Blue

In recognition of the DK1 and SenseGlove’s achievements the last 5 years, the Nova Blue has been created. Honouring the DK1 in colour, this haptic glove also has strengthened force feedback. 

The Nova Blue Limited Edition is not just a celebration of SenseGlove’s past; it’s a glimpse into the future of haptic technology and its applications across various industries.

The Nova Blue

Order your Nova before December 31st, 2023 to secure a Nova Blue!

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