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TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
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TNO improves remote operations and keeps the personnel safe

Learn how the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO allows operators to feel remote objects with the robotic arms and interact with the environment many miles away using SenseGlove.

TNO and Research

TNO is an independent research organisation on a mission to drive a safer, healthier, and more sustainable life. They focus on scientific insights applicable in practice to make knowledge serve the common good.
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Client representative:Tycho Brug

His/her role:Project manager/Technical innovator

Challenge to solve

The absence of haptic feedback in teleoperation and telexistence systems can lead to a critical issue. Without haptics, human operators may face challenges in accurately perceiving and interacting with the remote environment, potentially hindering their ability to make informed decisions based on real-time information. This gap in tactile perception could limit the effectiveness of the teleoperation system and imped the overall success of remote control tasks.

Implementation of haptic gloves

TNO has created a Haptic Bimanual Telexistence System using SenseGlove DK1. The system enables the operator to interact with the environment many miles away by touching and feeling remote objects with the robotic arms.

The results

Thanks to force-feedback technology the operator gets to feel what the robot “feels”, experiencing the size and density of the remote objects. Besides, the whole set up allows a person to feel as if they were present at a place where the robot is. This concept could help military personnel and emergency services to safely undertake dangerous tasks without being present physically. The addition of haptics improves the ability to accurately perceive information remotely and make informed decisions based on that information.

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Highlighted awards

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SenseGlove - Best innovation
SenseGlove - Greatest impact
SenseGlove - Scale up of the year

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