Control and feel your virtual environments,

using your own hands.

Motion Tracking

With 24 Degrees of Freedom, the SenseGlove accurately tracks the fingers, hand and wrist through any possible gesture

Force Feedback

SenseGlove's patent-pending haptic drives can put up to 1.8kg of force on each finger, creating the sensation of both hard and soft materials

Tactile Feedback

With a buzz motor in each individual finger, the SenseGlove can produce vibrations for interactive cues, and textual replication

Open Source SDK


Implement the SenseGlove in your projects, using our Software Development kit.

Use Cases

The SenseGlove can be used for a wide variety of applications.
Discover the use cases of our existing clients.

Virtual Reality Training

Train your users on complex tasks with risk, rapid interactions and realistic movements and gestures.

Augmented Process Simulation

Integrate digital and physical objects, enabling seamless interaction between digital and real.

Design Verification & Simulation

Make digital prototypes tangible and physical, reducing time-to-iteration and cost-per-prototype.

SenseGlove DK1 customers

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