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VR Haptics and Its Role in the Future of Marketing

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American retail giant Lowe’s launched Holoroom back in 2017, a virtual reality (VR) clinic that allowed customers to undertake DIY home projects in an interactive digital environment.

VR marketing innovations like the Holoroom are becoming increasingly commonplace as businesses attempt to engage consumers in new and exciting ways.

One new technological innovation for marketing comes in VR haptic gloves. Let’s discuss what VR haptic gloves are, how they work, and what their potential future marketing applications are.

What is VR Haptics?

Haptics is the study of human touch and the sense of touch. It can be used in various fields, like video game design and medical therapies. In terms of VR, haptics create realistic sensations in the virtual world that the user can feel. It can be anything, from the sensation of touch, temperature, wind, to even the sense of weight.

VR haptic gloves are one of the ways to create these sensations. These gloves and other different types of technology that provide haptic feedback are equipped with sensors that track the user’s hand movements. The feedback generated can take the form of vibrations, heat, or electrical stimulations. The gloves can also create virtual objects that the user can interact with.

How Does VR Haptics Work?

The haptic gloves use sensors to track the user’s hand movements. That includes using haptic technology such as force feedback, vibrotactile, and skin deformation. The haptic feedback allows the user to feel the virtual object like it’s a real object.

The haptic feedback is created by putting vibrations, heat, and restrictions into the gloves. The vibration can create a variety of sensations, such as the sense of touch, pressure, texture, temperature, and pain.

VR Haptics and the Future of Marketing

With the power of VR and haptic feedback, marketing strategies can target individuals in a more personal way. Here are some examples of how VR haptics can be used in marketing:

1. Product Sampling and Demonstrations

With VR haptics, potential customers can virtually try out products before buying them. This is especially useful for products that are expensive or difficult to use. For example, a virtual showroom can give demonstrations of how a new car works. Customers can then get a feel for the car before they purchase it.

2. Event Marketing

VR haptics can also be used to market events. For example, a concert could be advertised by giving potential customers the chance to feel the vibrations of the music in a VR haptic system.

3. Branding

VR haptics can also be used for branding purposes. A company can create a virtual reality environment for users who want to experience using their products. This would develop a strong association between the brand and the positive feelings of the user during the virtual demo.

4. Advertising

Advertising with VR haptics can be very effective because it allows marketers to target individuals personally. For instance, a perfume company could create an advert that gives the viewer the smell of the perfume and the feeling of the bottle and packaging. This would be a very personal way to advertise the product and could leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Create Lasting Impressions with VR Haptics

VR haptics is a new and exciting technology that can change the way marketing is done. Using VR haptics, marketers can target individual preferences in a more personal way and make these impressions last to create a demand.

To better understand how VR haptics can enhance your marketing strategies, get in touch with our team at SenseGlove. We are one of the leading developers of haptic gloves and other VR solutions.

Do you want to know how our product will fit into your marketing campaigns? or do you have any questions about VR hapitcs? get in touch!

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