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A Guide to VR Gloves

A Guide to VR Gloves

Not too long ago, virtual reality seemed like a far fetch idea. However, computer-generated experiences within a simulated environment are becoming even more possible and accessible through the years.

Due to the rising popularity of VR’s B2B applications,enterprise companies are investing and implementing this cutting-edge technology in many different ways.

In a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC), different companies and consumers will increase expenses on AR and VR by 80%.
Sales of VR and AR hardware are expected to proliferate in the market.

Here at SenseGlove, we strive to be one of the leading tech developers in the era of virtual reality by offering the SenseGlove Nova, a haptic VR glove unlike any other. Before diving into our product, we’ll share some insights about VR gloves and how they function.

VR glove

What Are VR Gloves? 

VR gloves are a type of wearable technology designed to immerse the user in a VR experience by making the experience more natural and realistic. The gloves are fitted with haptic technology that allows the user to interact with virtual objects in various ways. They include:

  • Hand tracking feedback: Allows users to see hand movements and gestures in virtual space.
  • Vibrotactile feedback: Provides a range of sensations, from light touch to rough textures.
  • Force feedback: Allows users to feel the size and density of virtual objects
  • Contact feedback: Allows users to feel the shape of virtual objects and surfaces.
  • Temperature feedback: Allows users to feel the temperature of virtual objects.

How Do They Work?

Haptic technology works differently based on the type of application. For example, force feedback can emulate the feeling of object density and size by applying resistance through different magnetic friction brakes built into the VR glove. Brakes on some VR gloves can deliver up to 20N of force (equal to a 2 kg brick weight on each finger). That kind of resistance allows it to offer unparalleled force feedback.

Meanwhile, vibrotactile feedback enables VR gloves like SenseGlove Nova to render the feeling of impact simulations and realistic button clicks. That is achieved by embedding vibrotactile actuators on both the index finger and thumb while the voice coil actuator is located in the glove’s hub. Vibrotactile feedback is a vital component of VR training and other experiences that require using tools and dashboards since it provides users with realistic sensations allowing them to feel cues, impacts and vibrations.

Products like the SenseGlove Nova utilise this unique combination of force and vibrotactile feedback to create a user-friendly flexible glove that enhances VR training simulations.

VR training with VR gloves

Big Things Come in Small Packages

A VR glove must be powerful and have low latency or time delay. This means that the user must be able to move and feel sensations at the most optimal level the very second they interact with the object in the simulation. The glove must also be lightweight and compact.

SenseGlove Nova offers the maximum range of motion and sense of touch. It can also be worn in five seconds and adjusted to three sizes to best fit the user’s hand. 

Our device promises ease of use and realistic interactions, allowing us to feel the virtual like it’s real. The SenseGlove Nova also works wirelessly and is highly compatible with standalone headsets. This provides freedom of movement and increases the realism of the VR experience.

What Are VR Gloves Used For?

VR gloves are used in corporate, research, and software development. They are highly beneficial for simulated training in the automotive industries, manufacturing, and mining. Workers can immerse themselves in real-life, high-risk scenarios without exposing themselves to danger.

Below are other real-world applications of VR gloves:

Request a VR Haptics Kit

At SenseGlove, we take virtual reality to new heights. Our device has been applied and approved by 500 corporations, revolutionising virtual reality training, digital prototyping, research and telerobotics, and marketing.

inquire about our special pilot programs and development packages today.

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