Behind the Glove

What’s so special about SenseGlove values?

SenseGlove values

Story time! These four core values, captured on our office wall, are backed up with four stories we love sharing. 

1. Granny-proof

The latest version of the SenseGlove was tested by our COO Niels Bogerd 70-year-old mother. Despite the fact that it was her first time in VR, she didn’t waste a minute, and after putting on the SenseGlove, she managed to fix the broken equipment on a virtual space station as if she’s already done it countless times.


2. Unleashing potential

SenseGlove originates from the graduation project of Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter. The first glove they have developed was meant to enhance post-stroke rehabilitation. However, the positive feedback from corporations and research institutions made them explore the potential of this technology further and create the first VR haptic use case for research and training purposes. 

Unleashing potential

3. Pioneers

Back in 2017, SenseGlove became the first haptic glove combining force feedback and vibrotactile feedback, while still being affordable for early adopters: priced below 4,000 euro.


4. From Sci-Fi to reality

“Wow, it’s like Ready Player One!”, “I’m in the Matrix!”, “Johnny Mnemonic is real!” — we hear sci-fi movie references every time someone tries our gloves on. And we love these comparisons! 

Sci-fi to reality

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