SenseGlove for VR/AR simulation

Digital prototyping offers quick iterations and low costs. Add SenseGlove to your simulations to gain the benefits of going digital without losing the fidelity of tactile, real-world prototypes. 

SenseGlove for VR AR simulation
SenseGlove for VR AR simulation

How SenseGlove lends a helping hand

Feel your designs with SenseGlove by interacting physically with your digital prototypes. Evaluate the design for ergonomics or manufacturability and test changes in real-time. With our unique force and vibrotactile feedback at your fingertips, SenseGlove sets a new standard for human-factor simulation.

SenseGlove VR AR Simulation

This is what makes SenseGlove the most accessible haptic interaction device

Save time

Save time

Creating a physical model is time-consuming, iterating it even more so. A simulated model allows users to instantly test changes. 



SenseGlove offers the minimum required set of haptic controls and responses in order to secure natural interactions with your digital prototypes. 

Compatible with simulation programs

Compatible with simulation programs

Use SenseGlove with your favourite design evaluation tools like CAPTIV and IPS IMMA. 

Making the digital feel real

For augmented reality training

With SenseGlove, VR or AR simulations come to life. Whether you want to test the ergonomics of a new design or manufacturing steps, SenseGlove allows you to get similar fidelity in your results as with physical mock-ups. With integrations in programs such as CAPTIVE and IPS IMMA, evaluating simulations is easy. 

Key features for VR/AR simulation with SenseGlove

If you’d like to test human factors in digital mockups, SenseGlove is the perfect tool for it.

VR AR simulation with SenseGlove
Unmatched force-feedback


With SenseGlove, digital objects have close to real-hand presence. With our force-feedback system, the user is able to handle virtual objects the same as their physical equivalents. 

Motion capturing

Motion capturing

SenseGlove’s per-phalange/DoF tracking system and IMU offer an unparalleled 26 degrees of freedom and tracking, enabling a very detailed analysis of the user and VR interaction. 

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