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Revolutionising Telerobotics: The DASA Phase 2 Project

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Revolutionising Telerobotics: The DASA Phase 2 Project 

In the pursuit of enhancing safety and efficiency in critical operations, innovative projects continually push the boundaries of technology. The DASA Phase 2 project, led by the English Defence Innovation Accelerator, aimed to develop a solution for safe telerobotics operations in nuclear decommissioning and bomb defusal. SenseGlove, in collaboration with TNO and the University of Twente, had the privilege of playing a part in this remarkable project. Learn more about the highlights and benefits of the project, as well as SenseGlove’s significant contribution.

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

The primary objectives of the DASA Phase 2 project were to ensure safety during hazardous operations and eliminate the need for on-site experts. The setup consisted of two robot arms, two gloves, a VR headset, a robot arm equipped with a crab claw, another with a four-fingered hand, and strategically placed cameras. This network-enabled system allowed remote operation from anywhere across the globe, making it an invaluable tool for handling delicate tasks involving nuclear materials or explosive devices. The team conducted successful remote operations from Norway to Utrecht, demonstrating the global accessibility and applicability of the solution.

SenseGlove telerobotics

SenseGlove and TNO at Battlelabs, UK

SenseGlove’s Role

SenseGlove’s role in the project involved leading Work Package 1. This encompassed two key aspects: ensuring easy control of the gripper and hand movements using the gloves and providing high-quality force feedback to users. The force feedback technology empowered operators to physically feel the objects manipulated by the robotic arms, fostering a heightened sense of touch and control. Additionally, SenseGlove developed the necessary software to integrate all components successfully.

Key Components

The robust software package created for this project lays a solid foundation for further advancements in the field. Notably, the addition of a new feature called object detection allows operators to select a specific object for the robot to interact with while avoiding any potential obstacles. This innovation brings unparalleled precision and control to telerobotic operations.

Evaluation of the project

SenseGlove, alongside the TNO team, recently presented the DASA Phase 2 project in the UK. Nick, the Project Manager at SenseGlove, expressed his enthusiasm for the project’s success, stating, “This project has been a big leap towards telerobotic technologies, and we are eagerly anticipating what the future holds.” The evaluation event served as a platform to showcase the advancements achieved, gather valuable feedback, and explore potential collaborations and applications in various defence sectors.

Defence and Security Accelerator, 10.06.2023, Game changing telexistence technologies showcased at the BattleLab, UK

A Success for SenseGlove and Telerobotics

The DASA Phase 2 project, with SenseGlove’s contribution, represents a significant step forward in the realm of safe telerobotics. By prioritizing safety and eliminating the need for on-site experts, this project has opened doors to more efficient, remote operations in hazardous environments. With pioneering advancements in glove technology, including force feedback and object detection, SenseGlove has established itself as a useful player in the telerobotics domain. As we eagerly anticipate the future, it is clear that telerobotic technologies are poised to revolutionize critical operations and redefine the boundaries of safety.

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