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One Pair of SenseGlove Nova’s.



SenseGlove Nova

The New Sense in VR for enterprise

With advanced haptic technologies, best-in-class usability and functionality, the Nova is built with business in mind. The combination of force – and vibrotactile feedback, wireless compact design and successful enterprise applications makes it the most practical XR glove on the market.

SenseGlove Nova Set

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*Get an advanced Nova Blue (limited edition) with stronger force-feedback, when ordering SenseGlove Nova.

Experience advanced technology with unparalleled freedom

Force feedback


By applying resistance through its magnetic friction brakes, SenseGlove emulates the feeling of size and stiffness. The Nova incorporates four brakes dedicated to each finger from thumb to ring finger. Each brake delivers up to 20N of force, which is equivalent to the weight of a 2 kg brick on each finger and makes for unparalleled force feedback. The different amounts of force, transferred to the fingertips through mechanical wires, allows SenseGlove to enhance training simulations with a wide variety of virtual objects, from robust engines and tools to fragile light bulbs.

Force Feedback in the SenseGlove

Vibrotactile feedback


SenseGlove has embedded an advanced voice coil actuator technology that allows the Nova to render the feeling of realistic button clicks, vibrations  and impact simulations, which are crucial for virtual reality training with tools and dashboards. Both the thumb and the index finger have their own vibrotactile actuator, while the voice coil actuator is located in the hub of the glove.  

Finger tracking


SenseGlove Nova combines sensor-based finger tracking with computer vision hand tracking algorithms. There are 4 sensors to capture the flexion and extension of the thumb, the index, the middle and the ring fingers, plus 1 sensor to capture the abduction and adduction of the thumb. These movements are captured by measuring the extension of the cables on the Nova Glove.

SenseGlove fuse
SenseGlove - Unity Plugin

*Upcoming motion tracking updates

Due to a limited access to the camera data of some headsets SenseGlove gloves also use external tracking like controllers or trackers on top of the gloves. The additional trackers can be easily attached with a use of SenseGlove mounts provided with the gloves. We are working on our own computer vision Glove tracking which will need no external tracking solution attached.

SenseGlove's already in the hands of 500 professionals:

Accelerate training, improve design and engage customers

First responder training

First responder training

Train to maintain disaster management efficiently, preserving gear and equipment. Using VR and haptic gloves, trainees can physically practice procedures and interactions that involve any equipment required: from fire hoses to medical defibrillators. This allows the trainees to build their muscle memory and by that, respond to the emergencies much quicker.

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Installation training

Installation training

Train installation techniques, getting to feel material properties. Haptic feedback gloves allow for training of any difficult procedures in a risk-free environment. The force feedback feature allows for the trainees to physically feel the different shapes, while the vibrotactile feedback stimulates the handling of equipment and tools.

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Maintenance training

Maintenance training

Develop skills for taking care of equipment functions, repairing machinery and buildings. Nova haptic gloves allow for a natural feel of hand tools: using different types of wrenches, feeling pliers resist squeezing, while vibrotactile feedback enhances interactions with power tools like grinders and saws.

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Assembly training

Assembly training

Train to deal with machinery and parts of all sizes and shapes. Haptic feedback gloves allow for a complex assembly simulation, consisting of multiple complex tasks. This could involve anything like drilling, screwing or fixing particular components together. Haptic feedback also allows trainees to feel the shapes, sizes and density of industrial objects.

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SenseGlove - Showcasing products

Showcasing products

Virtual Reality is already used by brands to demonstrate products and while VR allows visualising anything, it does not provide a realistic "try before you buy" experience. Haptic feedback gloves add true realism through the feeling of touch. Users can interact with your product as if it was real

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Assembly training

Brand awareness

Haptic gloves combined with virtual reality are one of the best ways to engage customers and communicate company’s values. Seeing and feeling your message creates an incredibly memorable experience and generates positive buzz around your brand.

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Marcos Volkswagen

The interaction with SenseGlove is a lot more realistic. 100% of the trainees who completed the assembly training found it more realistic to work with the gloves versus the controller. Simply because they could do more.

Case study

Royal Dutch Army trains personnel for on-site equipment assemblies

This is what makes the NOVA so great for enterprise VR solutions

Easy to use

Nova haptic glove is completely wireless. It works with standalone headsets and features an updated flexible form factor that enables users to feel virtual objects with unparalleled freedom.


The ability to experience digital worlds through intuitive real-world behaviours coupled with a price affordable for every XR professional make the SenseGlove Nova the most accessible device for the future of work and a new sense in VR training

Industry Approved

Developed in collaboration with SenseGlove research customers, SenseGlove Nova possesses the features required for VR training. Its technology has been tested for training and research applications by industry leaders.

Ergonomic training
Ergonomic training
Ergonomic training

What’s in the box?

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