At Sense Glove we believe that Virtual and augmented reality will change the way we interface with the digital world. The aim of these technologies is to make the digital world more lifelike and intuitive. However, the interaction with digital artifacts within the current state of the technology is far from lifelike. That is why we at Sense Glove want to make the virtual and augmented reality real.

Interactions mainly consist of visual and physical cues. That is why we make interactions with the digital domain visual and physical. Our first product, the Sense Glove, translates any motion of the hand into a digital equivalent (the visual cue) and lets you feel the shape, density and texture of the virtual object (the physical cue).

A daring dream of ours
At Sense Glove we make the digital domain physical. But what if we make the physical domain digital again? This would mean that we could create a physical avatar of ourselves anywhere in the universe.


Johannes Luijten

Chun Lam
Electrical Engineer

Max Lammers
Head of development

Ruben Boogaart
Mechatronic Engineer

Gijs den Butter

Niels Bogerd
Business Developer