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How Tactile VR Gloves Improve Military Training

How Tactile VR Gloves Improve Military Training

In recent years, the military has adopted virtual reality for training purposes. Thanks to VR, the Army, Navy, and even Air Force have learned how to manage crises in a more realistic way and without real risks.

The adoption of VR alone has expanded in military terms, and tactile VR gloves became the next great exercise and drill tool.

Read on to learn the benefits of smart tactile gloves and how they help improve military exercises.

What are Tactile Gloves?

In essence, tactile gloves are a device that, when worn together with a VR setting, simulate a realistic experience of holding different virtual objects in your hands and allow to interact with them naturally. The force-feedback system of tactile gloves emits 20N (Newtons) of resistance in 10ms which creates the feeling of holding an object in your hand, allowing you to feel its size and density.

This use of virtual effects to create a realistic setting helps soldiers maximise their training efforts and reduce accidents that might happen during actual field exercises.

How Do Tactile Gloves Enhance Military Training?

All service unit training involves using the hands, be it holding a rifle or simply lifting an object.

Tactile gloves are the best eco-friendly solution for soldiers to practise without causing damage to the equipment or the environment.

Here is how the tactile gloves enhance military training:

Shooting Practice

Shooting is a basic army exercise that requires proper handling. Here, tactile gloves can improve one’s shooting skills and help trainees save ammunition.

Virtual reality projects real-life situations, while the gloves simulate the size and resistance of the tools, equipment or ammunition in their hands with the help of force-feedback technology.

On one hand, the force-feedback technology allows users to adapt to the objects’ size and density. On the other hand, vibrotactile feedback allows users to check if the object is used or set up accordingly by proving the feeling of vibration cues and impacts.

Training Muscle Memory

Part of regular soldier training is exercising. During crises, every soldier must be physically prepared to endure their duty. Therefore, getting in shape is crucial and fundamental. With tactile gloves, you can lift, pull, drag, or throw digital objects and experience their real-life sensations. This excludes the military’s need to use training gyms for real-life practice.

Not just for military staff, VR training systems can also aid in better-preparing firefighter departments, ER technicians, and other responders. With the use of muscle memory, all target groups can physically do exercises that include all equipment required – ropes, hoses, defibrillators and more.

Engage in Real-Life Scenarios

Lastly, soldiers can better prepare for emergencies or other unexpected occurrences with tactile gloves. The gloves can be adjusted to follow the VR storyline and conduct a separate VR exercise that would later be evaluated.

With tactile gloves and VR, soldiers can learn how to make better choices in times of crisis.

Choose SenseGlove for the Best Tactile VR Gloves

For the military to execute virtual training and drill exercises at their finest, using quality tactile VR gloves can be a superb tool.

At SenseGlove, we offer the latest edition with advanced technology. The force and vibrotactile feedback create an intuitive impression – the perfect match for military services.

SenseGlove’s VR training solutions and technology help military exercises fortify their efforts and use real-life projections. At the same time, they minimise environmental and civilian collateral damages. Contact us to learn more about our tactile VR gloves and their features.

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