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Warranty and support

What happens to my outdated SenseGlove?

You can always update the firmware of your SenseGlove to make sure it is working the way it is programmed to work. You can update the firmware by following this guide. If your SenseGlove is at its end of life you can put it in your company's museum. 

Warranty and support

I need technical support regarding SenseGlove products, how can I get help from you?

You can check if a similar question has been answered before in the on our forum. Otherwise, you can send us a support request online by using this form and we will do our best to solve your technical issue as soon as possible.

Warranty and support

Should I expect additional delays in the SenseGlove technical support due to COVID-19?

SenseGlove’s technical support teams are working normally and available for any customer inquiries. On average we respond to questions within 3 days

Best way to reach us is to send a query via the Contact Form.

Warranty and support

How do I update my SenseGlove Software or Firmware?

The new releases of the SenseGlove SDKs and APIs can be downloaded here. If you have a DK1.1 or DK1.2 and want to be compatible with the Wireless Kit please schedule an appointment with our support to update your firmware. You can contact us for an appointment via the contact form (Please indicate "Support" as your desired form category).

Warranty and support

My SenseGlove may be broken, what do I do?

Please contact us via the contact form and we will discuss the options with you in person. Please indicate "Support" as the category for your form.

Warranty and support

What is covered without the warranty package?

The SenseGlove DK1 is a product meant for development of haptic interactions within spatial computing. The DK1 is not meant for mass implementation and therefore comes with limited warranty. We guarantee a working SenseGlove at arrival. If within two weeks something does not appear to be working we will repair it free of charge. Issues that might occur at more gloves (also referred to as known issues or production errors) will be repaired without costs until a year after purchase. 

Clients holding a warranty for their SenseGloves also enjoy free shipping services in the case of a fault.

Warranty and support

What is covered in the extra warranty package?

In this package we guarantee a lifecycle of up to 1M movements, this is based on an estimated intensive usage for a duration of 1 year. Therefore we take a year as our benchmark. Every error that does occur from normal use we will repair without additional costs. This excludes errors that occur due to abuse, or accidental drops. This warranty package also includes customer support hours up to 10 hours (via phone/video-call and email).