Client case

London North Eastern Railway

London North Eastern Railway (LNER) implemented SenseGlove Nova for the railroad VR training in assembling a train ramp in Virtual Reality. They used haptic force feedback gloves to improve the realism of the interactions in a virtual training and train the employees more efficiently by using haptic gloves instead of just using controllers.

Client: London North Eastern Railway

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SenseGlove Nova allows the trainees to get the sensorial information about the virtual objects and make the VR interaction more intuitive and lifelike. Thanks to force feedback technology the trainees can interact with virtual objects in a more realistic way: feel, grab, move, hold, squeeze and connect the virtual like it’s real.

The gloves force the participants to train more naturally in VR and train two-handed tasks while also improving their muscle memory. 

90% of participants who completed the haptics training indicated that they felt ready to assemble a ramp in a real life and did not need any further training.

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