Client case

Fraunhofer IEM creates Augmented Reality application with the SenseGlove

“The SenseGlove’s interaction technology allows the user of the mixed mock-up to grab components and guide them to where they are to be assembled”. Florian Dyck, Fraunhofer IEM”



Client representative: Florian Dyck.

Fraunhofer IEM has created an Augmented Reality application with the SenseGlove in a joint research project with Hella Headlights. With a combination of a paper mock-up of an assembly cell, an AR headset and SenseGloves. Hella was able to optimize their design for manufacturing processes in the early product development stage.

Improving Augmented Reality Assembly Evaluation with force-feedback

This study of Fraunhofer IEM showed that participants valued the added realism of the haptic- and force-feedback compared to a version of the simulation with traditional controllers. “The evaluation of the new system confirmed that the improvements enable a more realistic simulation of the assembly processes and a more intuitive operation of the system”. 

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