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Simple 3D physical objects with haptics: Physical design and use-cases

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Design and build physical human-machine interface prototypes of tools (e.g., 3D printed). These objects will be enriched with haptics through a SenseGlove interaction device. The idea is to have very simple and cheap physical models that can give a realistic feeling through the SenseGlove. You will (i) Define the most relevant use-cases and (ii) design and produce the objects using our 3D printers. You will work alongside a second internship project focussing on the integration of the simple physical objects in VR and adding haptics to them.

If you are a talented and ambitious MSc or BSc student in your education’s last two years, with a relevant skillset, please apply using the form below. Make sure you awe us with your previous projects and your resume.

This project is available from Q1 of 2022

What SenseGlove has to offer

Achieve your research goals with SenseGlove. Our extensive plug-and-play Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Unity Engine allows the creation of haptic interactions in VR with little to no coding. For more in-depth research like telerobotics, SenseGlove offers a native C++ SDK that provides the ultimate freedom in data collection. Coupled with per-phalange/26 DoF tracking, our hardware and software give you an unmatched research experience.

What SenseGlove has to offer

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Simple 3D physical objects with haptics: Physical design and use-cases

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