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Virtual training

5G for Virtual Reality Training

5g for virtual training

What is VR Training?

Training employees in VR has proven to be highly effective for many companies worldwide. VR provides a virtual world which is highly customizable, meaning companies can create their own lifelike scenarios in which to train their employees. One of the beauties of training in VR is that the only equipment that is required is a headset and controller (and in SenseGlove’s case, a pair of haptic gloves). This provides the possibility of training anywhere, at any time, without the risk of wasted or broken equipment and no limit to the number of times the trainee can practice.

Companies such as Volkswagen, KLM, NASA and many more have all taken the step to train their employees in a new way, ditching expensive training equipment and timely training processes for an advantageous solution. Using VR for training has many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, flexibility, safety, enhanced learning retention and more. You can read more about the benefits of training in VR in our blog which highlights the 8 reasons why your company should invest in VR training.


5G for VR Training

Using 5G for VR interactions has the potential to greatly enhance the overall VR experience. The increased bandwidth and lower latency of 5G networks allow for faster and more responsive interactions between the user and the virtual environment.

With 5G, VR users can enjoy higher-quality and more immersive VR training experiences with real-time interactions and real-time feedback. For example, doctors or engineers can use VR to train in a virtual environment, and their instructors or colleagues can provide instant feedback or support from remote locations.

Additionally, 5G enables cloud-based VR services, which can offload some of the processing power from the user’s device to a remote server. This allows for more complex and realistic VR experiences that were previously impossible due to the limitations of the user’s device.

Overall, using 5G for VR interactions has the potential to revolutionize the way we use VR, by enabling more realistic, responsive, and immersive experiences.


SenseGlove – What Do They Do?

Whilst VR trainings is proving to be an effect method of training employees, there are some limitation. The largest one of these being that interactions are had with controllers meaning that interactions are unnatural and unrealistic. This is where SenseGlove is changing the game.

For those who are unfamiliar with SenseGlove, they are taking VR training to a whole other level. The company offers haptic gloves that can be used in VR for virtual trainings. When worn, the gloves allow one to feel the size and density of virtual objects, enabling natural, lifelike interactions.

 SenseGlove is the only haptic glove currently on the market that is offering a combination of force and vibrotactile feedback, making it the most practical and intuitive way to interact in VR. With customers such as Volkswagen, Honda and the Dutch military, it is clear that companies are appreciating the added immersion and improves muscle memory that can be provided with haptic gloves in VR.


SenseGlove and 5G – The Ultimate VR Training Experience

With a faster connection between the gloves and the virtual world, SenseGlove can take the trainings even further. During a recent project, together with TNO, a virtual training scenario was built in which a teacher and student can train together in the same virtual world whilst they are in reality in separate rooms, cities or even continents. 5G enables the possibility for the student to receive real-time feedback on their performance during the training. The instantaneous feedback is another great step forward for VR training.

Special thanks to Innovation Quarter

Innovation Quarter is on a mission to facilitate the use of 5G experiments by companies across South Holland. Innovation Quarter is offering a Grant and Support Scheme helping companies to develop, test and accelerate their 5G innovations. Find out more about the Innovation Quarter’s 5G projects on their website.


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